Micro-services that provide various conveniences in managing AWS services.


Condensation is a tool that helps compile, package and upload AWS CloudFormation templates and supporting assets as distributions.

Particles, reusable modules and assets are the core of a Condensation project. They can be as small as a single parameter, as large as an entire template, or any set of resources in-between. Packaged and deployed to S3 as a unit, templates automatically link to assets (and other templates) within a project. The project can be deployed in as many regions and buckets as necessary, with every deployment acting as an independent implementation. Create deployments for us-east-1, us-west-2, development, UAT, or production. In any region and any environment, code and infrastructure are tracked and linked together.


enhanced snapshots

The Sungard AS Enhanced Snapshots tool is intended for managing backups for infrastructure that is located in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

The product will be useful for customers who want to reduce:



A small framework for building nodejs AWS Lambda projects that are compatible with AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources

The lambda-formation project is a small, slightly opinionated way to build a set of lambda handlers that are compatible with CloudFormation Custom Resources.

All resources are compatible with but do not rely on CloudFormation. Any lambda-formation project can be called directly through the Lambda API and it will process and respond back to Lambda accordingly. This flexibility keeps code DRY allowing handlers to be called by other scripts, APIs or CloudFormation.



Manage permissions on existing resources with AWS Lambda serverless computing. Running as a suite of Lambda functions, Porper allows users to develop RBAC-permissions based on user privileges in a similar fashion to existing development frameworks.

Serverless and microservice frameworks are relatively new and many traditional modules are missing. Porper provides base-layer identity and access management you've grown accustomed to using but refactored for serverless development.

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